Aims and Objectives

The ACF will, without discrimination of gender, age, education or faiths, support activities for the betterment of needy sections of the society.

Mainly the projects will be focused on the areas:

  • To support orphanage and old age home by giving financial support or support in kind.
  • To arrange and manage the vocational training institution in typing, short hand, computers,               fine art, craft, music, painting, dancing, yoga, physical fashion designing, cutting, tailoring,        embroidery, boutique, beautician, and in other professional training subjects/courses.
  • To arrange medical camps in slum areas or any other place, if required.
  • To organize picnic with old age home people/orphanage children.
  • To found scholarships and awards and to give prizes certificates and diplomas to persons                          who are or have been students instructed or examined by or by the direction of the trust.