Responding to COVID-19 Together

Acting quickly to step up support during COVID-19 crisis.

The biggest lock-down in human history - 1.3 billion Indians ordered to stay home to curb the spread of the corona virus - has unleashed chaos across the country as stranded migrant workers sleep in city streets, police beat curfew-breakers, fruits, and vegetables rot in markets and masses of informal laborers find their livelihoods wiped out. In response, the Allengers Care Foundation a sown seed of Allengers Medical Systems Limited, with its team members across all 24 branches in India, has initiated a drive, at a cost of Rs 15 lakhs, for distribution of groceries (rice 15kg, sugar 3kg, dal 2 kg, refined oil 2 ltr, haldi, mirch and masala 100 gms each, salt 1 pkt and soap 3 nos), covering 3 weeks of ration, to the underprivileged section of the society. In addition to the above, Allengers Medical Systems Limited donated Rs 25 lakhs to the "PM CARES" fund to support in the unprecedented time during COVID-19.